iPad apps for learning coding

Now is an excellent time to pick up a new skill and spend your time in quality work. With companies demanding better talent and people being bored while sitting at home, learning to code can be a great way to utilize your spare time. So, why should you learn coding right now?

  • According to Fast Company, coding is one of the most important job skills currently.
  • Coding can be learnt by yourself at a pace you prefer.
  • Picking up a skill is a good utilization of your spare time.
  • Coding can be learnt on devices like iPads; you don’t necessarily need an elaborate desktop setup.

Finding a starting point with coding can be a bit tricky. If you are looking to learn coding on an iPad, here are the best apps you can try to get started.

Pythonista for iOS

As the name suggests, Pythonista is an app for iPads and iPhones that help users learn how to write Python scripts. Pythonista comes with NumPy and MatPlotLib, UI Editor, split-screen multitasking, integrated debugger, and more. The complete development environment enables you to learn with examples such as automation scripts, games and animations, and also comes with native integrations for contacts, location data, reminders, etc.

Code by Techulus

Code by Techulus enables iPad and iPhone users to compile and run programs without any configuration or setup. It offers support for sixteen programming languages including C, C++, Ruby, PHP, Scala, and more. The Unified Development Environment enables users to learn, experiment, and run fast prototyping scripts. Moreover, the cloud sync functionality enables all your scripts to be synced across devices for easier access.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds helps learners get in touch with the coding world in a fun and interactive way. All you need to get started with this app is an Apple device - iPad or a Mac. Swift, an excellent programming language developed by Apple is taught by means of puzzles, challenges, and more. Moreover, Swift Playgrounds also helps you learn how to program drones, robotic devices, and musical instruments.